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Cassandra Hill, Owner & Operator of Retail Design by Cassandra

Cassandra Hill Owner & Operator
Retail Design by Cassandra

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Retail Design by Cassandra has been helping elite hotels and boutiques to increase their profitability and merchandise display for the past 20 years. Our client base ranges from Ritz Carlton Hotels to Hyatt Regency, as well as Lowes Hotels and high-end automotive specialty dealerships. From boutiques to spas, to golf pro shops and gift shops, Retail Design by Cassandra specializes in maximizing floor space as well as visual presentation to help you increase your sales per square foot… enhancing your company’s bottom line. Due to our length and time of experience in this industry, we offer an in-depth understanding of current retail market trends which, when combined with innovative visual skills, improves your profitability.

 To say that Cassandra is worth her weight in gold, is putting it mildly. For the last 9 years, that I have been with the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort, Naples, I have witnessed her expertise in totally transforming our boutique in such an amazing way. There is a reason we are number one in the company, I feel Cassandra plays a big part in that. Her method is similar to watching a brainiac easily & meticulously work their way through a Rubix cube. At first you may not understand her theory, but little by little everything just slowly falls into place. By the time she’s finished, it all just looks so perfect, so neat & organized. Older items look brand new & everything looks so beautifully appealing. Many times, I’ve thought “I can do this” but that’s because she makes it look so easy. She truly has such a special gift. After she’s finished, I’m always so amazed & so appreciative, and bottom line, that translates in sales.  

~Joanne Yacopino, Spa Boutique Retail Supervisor The Ritz-Carlton Naples Beach Resort

” I have had the pleasure of working with Cassandra Hill for the past 8 years. It is with pride that I share with you her capabilities, professionalism and talent as a retail specialist and merchandiser. She is a master at visual storytelling; she is able to transform any space into a welcome retreat, staging perfectly while her designs speak to the consumer and have significantly assisted in increasing sales. She is always “on stage” with the guests and her service skills are excellent. Although she is a contractor and not an employee, she represents our brand with natural ease, style, and grace. Cassandra is committed to quality and stands by her work. She is reliable and can be counted on to uphold her commitments. I would recommend her for all your design needs.  

Jennifer E. Licciardi

Director of Spa, Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa

” Cassandra Hill has been instrumental in our effort to maintain a world class golf shop over the past 7 years. She brings an enormous amount of experience with our Ritz-Carlton brand and consistently finds new ways for us to reinvent the golf shop retail space. I appreciate Cassandra’s collaborative approach with our team and would recommend Cassandra to any golf club desiring to take their business to the next level.  

Nathan Stith

Director of Golf, The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Orlando

Cassandra used innovative analytics to completely revamp Criswell’s retail parts Departments. She effectively implemented strategies to keep our staff motivated, engaged, and confident in her system. Our store’s sales have risen 20% and profitability increased 11% as we continue to move more merchandise! Our Stores turned out beautiful! We thank you Cassandra!  

Harry Criswell

Owner, Criswell Automotive

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